Above & Beyond - Sticky Fingers (Lane 8 Remix)

Can’t get this one out of my head!

After a mind blowing acoustic session at London’s Porchester Hall, Above&Beyond is back with brand new songs.

Sticky Fingers is a wonderful track embellished by Alex Vargas catchy voice and Lane 8’s touch makes it a somptuous anthem.

A little bit dreamy isn’t it?

Source : SoundCloud / Lane 8

Adventure Club - Calling All Heroes, Part 1 EP

This has got to be one the most anticipated debut EP to come out this year, as the DJ’s from Montreal have been rising up from quite some time now.

After their first appearence at Ultra Music Festival this year and a magical set that has left everyone speechless, they began touring with all new production in their luggage on the Superheroes Anonymous Tour that surely is the event to attend at the moment :

Experimenting in different genres in this EP, they still have their unique touch on each sounds. While Gold will remind you of their previous production with beautiful vocals from Yuna, Wonder is a magical piece (more of a Progressive House style music), featuring an awesome artist called TKST.

The other 2 songs of the EP are a bit more Hard style, with groundbreaking bassdrop in Crash (which is my favorite headbanger a the moment) and an EDM anthem that is Thunderclap, which would murder everyone on a dancefloor :P

For the future, they still have more to offer as Part 2 of Calling All Heroes will come out in 2014 featuring a new collaboration with Krewella. I would also love for them to give us another Dubstep style song as they used to produce back in the day ;)

They are my all time favorites. Now you know.

(Currently waiting for their official ‘Electric Family’ bracelet to come by my mail…)

By the way guys, still waiting for you to come to France ! Whenever you want, just tell me ;)


Source : SoundCloud / Adventure Club

Dub Scout - Midnight / Orange Peel EP

I find this guy’s sounds to be very curatives. They take me to another place :)

This little genius has been creating music for a while now and I’ve been following him for quite a time.

I can say that I’m a great fan as every bit of material he produces is unique and beautiful. This EP is no other.

Try it once and you’ll adopt it.


Source : SoundCloud / Dub Scout

Adventure Club - Calling All Heroes EP (Part 1)

Coming out the 22nd of October!

I call that the best, most exciting news of the year, don’t you agree?

Last single ‘GOLD’ will be part of it :)




Lewis Kaaly (lewiskaaly) on Myspace

Got myself an account on the new MySpace.

Is it worth it? Is there anyone on this website?

Let’s connect if so, share some sounds ;)




Foxes - Youth (Adventure Club Remix)

Awesome music. Awesome DJs, my favorites.

Blowing some speakers, for the sake of your ears.

Would love to see them perform in France…

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Ce que j’ai écouté cet été, dans mon lecteur de cassettes. #123Mrk #NoName #Haywyre #TheVoyage #DubScout #EasternFlex #Wrapper #Xilent #TouchSound #EPs #Electronic #Dubstep #Glitch #Bass #Melodic #Jazz #Classic #Mix #Music #Summer #Art #Love

My summer playlist full of awesome music!

This is what came through my ears when at the beach d*-*b

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